Wellness Center ServicesAdvanced rehabilitative care for superior results.

Our care goes far beyond heat applications and ice packs. One-on-one patient education is a key aspect of our rehabilitative care. Drs. Bidarian and Amin spend time with patients answering their inquiries, addressing their concerns and motivating them to achieving their rehabilitation goals.

Drs. Bidarian and Amin practice functional rehabilitation, which enables them to achieve quicker and more lasting results through leading-edge adjustments and treatments. And by restoring function and fixing the underlying cause of your pain, they can relieve your pain at its source. Their nonsurgical, drug-free care includes:

• Horizontal Wave Therapy • Ultrasound
• Electrical muscle stimulation
• HMS electronic pain relief • Physiotherapy
• Massage therapy • Thompson technique
• Activator method • Gonstead technique
• Diversified technique • McKenzie Method® disc therapy
• Cox flexion/distraction therapy
• Myofascial release • Physiotherapy
• Pain management • Ergonomic evaluations
• Work conditioning • Joint mobilization
• Segmental traction • Rehabilitative home exercises